Manufacture and sale of cyanoacrylate chamber of fumigation


CRID is located in Limoges (Haute-Vienne - France). It is directed by Sébastien JOUANNAUD and Guenaël SESOSTRIS and employs two people as a technician and administrative staff.

CRID designs and manufactures cyanoacrylate chambers of fumigation for technical police technicians to treat media from a variety of sources for the purpose of searching for and discovering papillary traces.

In France, these tools are used by the Gendarmerie and the Police, and other private laboratories. Foreign police services also use CRID chambers of fumigation.

The creation of these devices begins with the realization of the stainless steel enclosure and its various amenities (windows, gaskets, heat source, fumigation system, support rods, recycled and neutralized product disposal).
Electronic systems that manage the operation of the enclosure (thermostat, hygrometry, fumigation time in automatic or manual, calibration of probes, automatic enclosure lock) are also created by CRID.
Enclosure operation and maintenance are provided by CRID.

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